End of the Week Round-up #5

8th of October 2021

During this last week I’ve had a few conversations about the frequency of the newsletters that I’m putting out and have come to the decisions that I’ll only be putting out one newsletter a week, this Friday round-up. Will discuss this more below.

At the end of last week I got some really great book post from Vintage (The Morning Star) and Pan Macmillan (To Paradise) and love that I’m actually back reading once more, so looking forward to getting to these books once commitments on other books permit.

What I’ve been up to this week and other news.

Since we’re on holiday we’ve been doing lots of walks and cooking, though I won’t bore you with loads of pictures or talk about it either, though the food has been delicious!

I had to change from my spooky name and picture on Twitter as people were just not realising that the account was me, but I’ve spooked up the Big Bearded Bookseller for the best month of the year.

As you can probably tell I’ve not spent a lot of time on the various project, but always enough to have something to write in the newsletters.

Talking of which the list newsletters are no longer going to be sent out (yes, yes, I’ll change the about info) but reside on Substack as information storage, and the information will also go onto the websites.

This is going to be the regular, weekly newsletter and there will be several time sensitive entries from each list then a link to the rest of the information.

Other news.

Just a reminder that tomorrow is #BookshopDay and that bookshops up and down the country will be having lots of events to celebrate.

If you would like to visit and support an independent bookshops you could use the map and list @ IndieBookshops where currently 902 indie bookshops are listed.

Each listing and point on the map has, at least, a link to the bookshops website/twitter/facebook, a few even have a directory page on the main website if you want to find out more about them.

Big Bearded Bookseller's Linktree

Recently added bookshops and publishers.

Publisher directory (£)

Submissions and applications.

More submissions and applications…

Upcoming events.

More events…

New and upcoming book releases.

  • Lionheart Girl’ written by Yaba Badoe and published by Zephyr Books is released on 14/10/21

  • Wayland Babes’ written by Judi Daykin and published by Hobeck Books is released on 19/10/21

More upcoming books…

Job links.

More job links…

What’s happening next week?

“Three o’clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do.”

I’m still on holiday so the newsletter may continue be a bit thinner than usual.

I’ll be adding to the various information pages as and when I find information to add, so they will constantly be changing.

And if you have any news or offers you would like included in the newsletter please email me at contact@bigbeardedbookseller.com and I’ll get it on ASAP.

and finally…

Gemma from WildWaterArtStore is offering a #BookshopDay deal on her beautiful lino-prints.

Go to her Etsy site and purchase an indie bookshop lino-print and receive 20% off using the code BOOKSHOPDAY2021, this is valid for all of Saturday and closes at midnight of the 9th of September 2021.

They are all beautiful but for myself I will be choosing Lighthouse Bookshop, one of my go-to bookshops whenever I get home to Edinburgh.

A reminder that a paid subscription to this newsletter is only the cost of a large coffee, but once a month rather than several daily. This helps with lots of things but right now it would help for domain and hosting costs for the various projects.

All information is going to continue to be free so this is just a thank you to me for collating it all.t

The links to the various projects can be found at:

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