End of the Week Round-up #6

15th of October 2021

As always I thought being on holiday would lessen my work on the projects but, as always, it didn’t.

First thing I did last week was to take advantage of the offer from WildWaterArtStore on #BookshopDay and got myself a lino-print of Lighthouse Bookshop.

Talking of #BookshopDay, it was great to see the hashtag trending so well this year, heartening to see a few bookshops opening on the day as well, and fun to see all the photos and tweets from bookshops.

What I’ve been up to this week and other news.

Since we’re on holiday I’ve taken advantage of the time to clear out the shed and move along a different project which has practically no books involved in it whatsoever!

But more on that later when I’m ready to reveal it…

I’ve finally caught up with all the emails and twitter bookmarks and put the information in them onto the lists/blogs/newsletter or answered the person.

It’s always nice to have a clean inbox and bookmark file, though sometimes the bookmarks in my browser that I have to work on seems to get longer and longer no matter how much effort I put in. I’m always finding more interesting things to do and add.

Other news.

Looking forward to seeing what uplift there is when Netflix’s Book Club starts screening in November and will be talking about books that became TV shows or films.

Working in a bookshop I did notice uplift of certain books whenever there was a book-oriented show. Sarah Cox’s book club is a big one, but ‘Write Around the World’ with Richard E. Grant also gave a huge boost for all the books he mentioned.

The first book that the Netflix Book club is going to talk about is going to talk about is Passing by Nella Larson.

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Recently added bookshops and publishers.

Publisher directory (£)

Submissions and applications.

More submissions and applications…

Upcoming events.

More events…

New and upcoming book releases.

  • Much With Body - Polly Atkins - Seren Books (18/10/21)

  • Keeping the Faith: A History of Northern Soul - Stephen Catterall and Keith Gildart - Manchester University Press (19/10/21)

  • Dead Relatives - Lucie McKnight Hardy - Dead Ink Books (21/10/21)

  • Ghost Bird - Lisa Fuller - Old Barn Books (21/10/21)

  • Photography: A Feminist History - Emma Lewis - Octopus Publishing Group (21/10/21)

More upcoming books…

Job links.

More job links…

What’s happening next week?

“Time is an illusion. Lunch time doubly so.”

I go back to work next week after having a lovely restful fortnight, but that also means I put more effort into projects such as this newsletter.

For a start I’ll be expanding the upcoming books section and adding links to books, authors, and publishers there.

Then I’ll be working through the A4 sheet of bookish podcasts to expand the directory on the Indie Bookshop blog, trying to get through the scraps of paper that are sitting at the back of my notebook full of information.

And, as always, if you have any news or offers you would like included in the newsletter please email me at contact@bigbeardedbookseller.com and I’ll get it on ASAP.

and finally…

Another new bookshop has opened! This time at 42 Upper Street, Islington called Upper Street Bookshop the only link I have for them at the moment is their Instagram page.

Looking forward to seeing more info and pictures soon.

A reminder that a paid subscription to this newsletter is only the cost of a large coffee once a month. This helps with lots of things but right now it would help for domain and hosting costs for the various projects.

All information is going to continue to be free so this is just a thank you to me for collating it all.

The links to the various projects can be found at:

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